DON’Ts of Self-Defense

Despite many articles on self-defense most people have the wrong concept of it. Somehow many people think self-defense is sophisticated techniques or super-punches. Thus they are looking for such techniques in self-defense articles, making one more mistake, as an article cannot teach you. It can tell you only what is right and what is wrong. Today we will talk about the latter.

Also we should mention, if you have a physical contact (fight) it is not good, because usually aggressors have an advantage in quantity or skills. So, other, preventive measures should be considered.

All below mentioned recommendations are given, considering 3 basic rules of street self-defense:

1. There might be a few aggressors
2. Aggressors might possess weapons
3. An assault might be unexpected

1. DO NOT wrestle
When you’re wrestling, you can only deal with one person at a time. Street fight is not a MMA fight. Other aggressors can hit you with a bottle or any weapon while you try to throw your opponent. Try it yourself in a gym with your friends. Try to throw one of them, while others would try to take you down or simulate different punches.

2. DO NOT do submission holds
Same rule applies. Make the same experiment for submission holds. Yes, you can break a hand of a real aggressor very quickly, but if his sidekicks would punch you at the same time, that would not help you. Unlike Bruce Lee movies real opponents wouldn’t wait in a queue to fight with you. They would attack simultaneoulsy.

3. DO NOT kick
We mean do not do the high kicks – especially against multiple attackers. Kicks make you unstable, you can fall down and aggressors would beat you down. Make an experiment again – kick a pad and let one of your buddies push you at the same time. Most likely you would fall down. If you fall down in a street fight, it’s very bad news.

4. DO NOT let your Ego control you
False pride and false shame are also our enemies, very mighty ones. They can break your life easily. Self-defense is when you didn’t let a criminal to achieve his goals. So if you just ran away from criminals, then it’s great. It means you protected your life and health.

5. DO NOT think a weapon is a magic stick
It’s cool to have a gun. But who told you an aggressor would give you time to take it out? Another question – do you have shooting skills? Do you attend a shooting range? Did you attend special shooting courses where they teach you to use your gun in an extreme situation?

Now let’s talk about a knife. It’s a great weapon as well. Could you stab a human with a knife? Do you understand it is not so easy? Do you learn how to use it?

6. DO NOT let an aggressor come close
It’s one of the versatile self-defense principles. It’s obvious – if you don’t let a bully to come close, then he just cannot sucker punch you. If an opponent is persistent to get close to you, then it’s a signal for a pre-emptive attack. Don’t let a stranger enter your house.

7. DO NOT lose sight of aggressors
If you encounter several aggressors and one of them tries to stand behind your back or at least aside, then it’s a signal for action. Do it first, otherwise they would sucker punch you, and then run away. If they surrounded you already, then try to escape. Use roundhouse punches and remember – you’re a hunter, they are prey Move and don’t let’em grab you or block you.


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