Invisible techniques for street self-defense

How can you knock an opponent out while defending yourself and your family? As we know a knock out punch is a punch an opponent cannot see. I.e. an invisible punch. A word “invisible” doesn’t mean it is some supernatural strike which cannot be filmed or something. It is just a strike your opponent cannot notice.

In this article you will know about some invisible techniques. This info is useful as for experienced martial artists as for novices. You don’t need strength to perform them. They are simple, but prooved their efficiency not once.

First of all – what are specific invisible strikes? The answer is – it can be ANY technqie which an attacker cannot see. Invisibility is a common principle, not a specific technique.

Second. Is it OK to punch an opponent in an inexpected manner? It depends. If an aggressor threatens your life or health, it is good to punch first. Otherwise an attacker can do it with you. Yes, experienced criminals or chavs use invisible strikes as well. It is all reaility based and reality proved. Anyway, it’s your life, so a decision is up to you. 

Usually we use a frontal vision, i.e. we focus at any object. In a worst scenario it can turn to the so called “tunnel vision” which happens sometimes in an extremal situation. Thus you cannot see another attacker who can hit you from aside.

We rarely use peripheral vision which is more useful in a combat situation. Anyway it should be discussed in a separate article. In this article we want to say that our vision has limits, a sort of “borders”. We cannot see what is above us, or below, or from sides. And we don’t pay attention to these zones. We look at what is in front of us.

So if you stay close to an aggressor, he cannot see a strike from below. Let’s show some of them.

  1. Shin kick

This kick can shock your opponent, but it is not enough. You need it only to shock him and then use other techniques. Anyway if you train this kick hard and can break a shin with it, it can be OK. Don’t kick with your toes as you can break them, or you can miss. Use the inner middle part of your foot.

Don’t look down! Your opponent will instinctively follow your look and notice your movement. Look in his eyes, or behind his back. Thus you can control the environment and don’t spend your energy at an “eyes’ battle”.

Train this kick with your partner before using it. Be sure you can perform it well.

  1. Groin attack

This hit is made with your fingers’ tips, with your palm turned back to an opponent. It’s a whip-like movement. Don’t look at the target. Stand close to an aggressor and hit quickly and sharply.

  1. Palm heel uppercut

It is a very dangerous punch. It can kill an attacker, so use it only when there is a real danger for your life or health. It is not a technque for a regular boozefighting. It looks like a usual uppercut, but a palm heel instead of a fist is used. Keep your hand close to an attacker’s body so he couldn’t notice a movement until it’s too late. When hit, don’t take your palm away, but use another arm to grab his head and put him on a ground using both your hands.

  1. Combos.

– Possible shin attack continuation: a knee to groin, then palm heel uppercut; then a regular elbow strike to a head.

– Possible groin attack continuation: if your opponent bends down because of pain (which usually happens), hit the back of his head with your palm heel or the sharp of your fist. Combo is finished with a knee strike to a head.

Learning Methods

Of course all these techniques should be trained before using them. Train them with your partner, using pads.

Start from simple, then continue with more complicated things. Train these techniques separately at first, then make combinations and drill these combinations.

Remember that a criminal can hit you in the same manner as well. To prevent it, use 3 versatile principles of street self-defense:

– Distance Control. Don’t let strangers stay close (especially in a conflict). It is impossible to control distance in a public transportation or shops, but we mean the situations when it’s possible and/or necessary. If you have to stay close with somebody, then remember the second principle.

– Visual Control. Stay alert, be attentive. Develop peripheral vision, don’t let them fool you. And don’t forget the 3rd principle

– Emotions’ Control. Control your emotions, be a cold-blooded person. Otherwise criminals can use your emotions against you as emotions make us blind. It also works in everyday life. A fighter controls his body, a warrior controls his thoughts and emotions.

Merits of these techniques:

  • Our palm bones are very fragile. Any martial artist knows that. Palm heel strikes don’t hurt our hands. That is why they were used in the Russian Style. When a commando has his palm hurt, then he is out of operation. So no knuckles’ punches are acceptable. Also there would be no evidence we hit an attacker. We know that sometimes an attacker can pretend a victim in the police station.
  • This techniques can be applied by teenagers, women, aged people, disabled people. They are not so strong as a typical aggressor, so such techniques can be their only chance.
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