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Start learning self-defense to become stronger, more self-confident, know how to protect yourself and your family.

What you will learn:

  • Weight loss, correct posture, good physical shape
  • Natural striking techniques (punches, kicks)
  • Applied knife fighting
  • Defense from knife/stick
  • Special techniques (eye goggling, etc.)
  • Multiple opponents
  • Mental training (to be effective in an extremal situation)
  • Communication training (how to settle down a conflict with verbal means)

You can have more detailed info on the method and attitude here (switch to En)

Sudents’ recommendations:


Recently Georgy Tsedilkin and Mikhail Didenko held an unusual training for participants of the Young Scout squad. Scouts training program includes education modules, aiming the all-round development of children, including such areas as first aid measures, survival in the wilderness, traffic rules, and others, necessary for development of a fully realised member of society, who is always ready to take care of him/herself and help others.

The kids knew that personal safety measures should be planned beforehand. They learned how to plan it and agree it with parents. Some concepts, seemingly obvious, were suddenly new even for adult participants. We got a feedback on our everyday routes, and knew about unexpected risks, which could change our lives to the worse. Besides, the experts explained the ways of increasing children’s safety to their parents.

The practical part of the classes was an unusual training of a safe attitude while dealing with strangers. The kids trained the communication with a stranger skills, helping them to avoid undesirable contacts.

Vladimir Fedyanin, leader of the Young Scout squad

Thanks Mikhail for your tuition and guidance in knife-throwing on Sunday! We had a great time and will continue to practice and improve. This is undeniably an interesting sport, which fine tunes your cognitive skills, forces you to focus and lets your natural instincts kick in. Apart from being fun, to the point of being addictive, it’s really relaxing, as you become almost meditative. And, I was impressed that no trees were hurt in the process! (We used a dead tree in Sokolniki as our target.) For anyone interested, it’s worth persevering if you don’t get it right in the first 5 minutes. Like everything, it takes a little practice, before you can throw like a pro! I was able to get the hang of it by the end of my first lesson.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need to have any previous experience? Answer: No. The learning method is going from simple to complicated.
  • I have traumas/went through ilnesses. Can I learn? Answer: It depends. Contact me and we will consider a solution. Anyway you can have an individual self-defense complex.
  • What do I need for trainings? Answer: Usual sports suit + sports shoes. Maybe you will need boxers’ pads and throwing knives (300 RUR, no certificate is needed).
  • How early can a child train? Answer: Since 9 yo. A grownup person is 14+ yo according to the Soviet system requirements.
  • I cannot hit anybody’s face. How can I study? Answer: It is a frequent matter, so we have effective methods which help to solve it.


Personal training: 1500+ RUR (90 min)

Group training: 500 RUR for 1 lesson (90 min)

Seminars (self-defense, survival), safety consulting, teambuilding sessions*: 3000 RUR from a person (4-6 hrs)

Location: Sokolniki (ВАО)

*Teambuilding session is also an option. It can include special Soviet Elite Forces excercises for team building, knife throwing (which is fun), different developing team activities and tournaments.

You can send me an email to ask a question:

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