What is ambidexterity and why do we need it? Ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands in the same way. That is using of the left arm like the right one and vice versa. It is also the ability to do something with both hands simultaneously. For example to fight with two swords. In the old days such warriors were highly appreciated. But scientists believe that in the Stone Age all people were ambidexters.
Why the ambidexterity is important for us, contemporary people? We do not use swords any more. At least me (maybe some of you do)))
This ability is necessary for us to fully develop our potential. Because when a person uses only one hand, it means he uses his potential only for 50%. For a half. Both hands give you 100%. But that is not all.
As we know each hand is controlled by one of the brain hemispheres. The left arm is controlled by the right hemisphere, the right arm by the left hemisphere. And when we do something with both hands simultaneously we use both hemispheres of the brain in one moment. So such exercises are useful not only for the body, but also for the brain.
In this video I show a variant of the ambidexterity development. The options can be countless. Knives throwing is only one of them.

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